DIY Alarm Systems

DIY Alarms

AA Alarms has an easy to use DIY alarm system that can be created to suit you independent needs. As an individual you have different needs for your security with this DIY alarm system you came make sure those needs are met.

No more wirers no more fuss. With our wireless DIY alarm system you no longer need unsightly wirers all over the place. Our X64 wireless alarm system is no fuss and easy to use.

Our DIY alarm systems are plug in and play so all you have to do is plug them in and they are ready to go.

Outdoor Wire Free & Wired Dual Infrared Detector

Duevi Outdoor Detectors

Duevi outdoor dual head detectors are innovative volumetric detector for outdoor use. The detection is performed by two passive infrared sensors mounted on two completely independent and adjustable heads, both horizontally and vertically, each one with its own sensitivity setting.

The heads may be combined with logic AND (only the detection of both heads triggers alarm) or logic OR (the detection of any head triggers alarm). With these features, this detector provides great versatility and reliability that removes unwanted alarm events, which often limit the outdoor installation of volumetric detection.

Equipped with tamper protection, the device is programmable by a built-in dip-switch for all programmable options. There is also a test function with led indication for each head, and acoustic buzzer for a simplified installation in low visibility conditions.

The detector can be mounted at heights from 80 to 250 cm. Two lens covers allow one to obtain a curtain effect on both heads if required.

Duevi 2 Channel Wire Free Receiver

The RX2 is a universal 2-channel, 20-device receiver for the Duevi wire free outdoor detector and has been designed to integrate easily into any new or existing alarm systems. The receiver has 2 zone output relays and trouble output that activates for tamper, low battery and detector supervision.

RX2 wire free reciever Duevi outdoor detector