New Alarm

New Alarm

Why do I need a home security system

Having a new home security system in South Africa has become a must with the ever rising crime rate and home intrusions thus creating a need to secure your home from intruders.

With AA Alarms having one of the best home security system in South Africa you can guaranty your homes security. Ourhome security systems use new keypad alarm technology. Traditional home security systems used a low voltage wiring with our system you use a wireless system.

We also offer a perimeter security system enabling us to stop burglars before they reach your home. Perimeter security consists of security beams, surveillance cameras and electric fencing. Having a secure perimeter means you can react in time to home invaders when you perimeter is breached.

Intruders are not the only crisis a home can face. AA Alarms system can cater for most of these crises with their multiple and affordable security tools such as:

  • Panic Buttons
  • Fire Alarms
  • Outdoor Beams
  • Infrared sensors
  • Electric Fencing
  • Gate Motors
  • Alarm Systems
  • Surveillance Cameras

Security Agency

When considering to installing a new alarm system AA Alarms should be your first choose.

We have been in the security system and a security agency for over a decade in South Africa at this we can give our clients expert advice on anything surrounding security. We know which home security systems work and which don't. Through extensive security research we have settled on FBII and IDS as security systems that are practically foolproof and deliver high-quality constant performance.

We do a lot of work amongst embassies, Eskom executive directors, NEDCOR, African Bank. We service the Centurion City Council and cater for all their security requirements.

However, the majority client of our security agency is the homeowner and small business here in South Africa and for you we give brilliant prices linked to professional support. We don't take deposits - you pay us when you are satisfied with your new alarm system.

Why install a panic button with your new alarm system

To install a panic button for security's sake is an essential in the time we are living in now. Security systems ensure that if an event causing panic arises, a button is seconds away that will set off the alarm and alert the security company of the situation of panic.

Alarms AA only provide services in the areas of Pretoria and Midrand this would be for installation of new alarms systems as well as a panic button. Panic buttons used in case of emergencies are not only installed in homes but also as a part of the corporate security alarms systems.

Why install an intruder detection alarm system?

The professional installation of security systems is essential for accurate and effective intruder detection. The detection of intruders is the reason why most premises install security and alarm systems.

Intruder detection services are provided in Midrand and Pretoria by Alarms AA. The installation of new alarm systems is done so that the environment, in which you would find yourself in, is safe and well-protected against intruders. Professional security systems aid in the effective detection of intruders. These intruder detection services are limited to the above listed areas in South Africa.


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